How it all started...

Many ballcocks have a piston in an aperture - the dimensional relationship between the two critical components is not stable.

A farmer friend, who has a great engineering mind that runs on 100 ideas a day, looked at an item we already manufacture asked the following question;
"Why don't you do something to solve one of the greatest frustrations of water management in farming? - a better ballcock!"
My friend made a prototype to demonstrate the principle. We then made several and trialled the product - made a few improvements and our first production run was of 50. Now we do production runs in the hundreds. We have a customer whose farm is running one hundred of our SIS ballcock valves.

What our customers say

The SIS Ballcock - Stainless, Indestructible, Simple. Half of the water on our 600 cow dairy operation goes through a tank system. We have had huge frustration with leaking and totally failing ballcocks. The problem has now been solved, for over a year, with the installation of a SIS Ballcock.

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Kieran Bourke

As a reseller of farm ballcocks, I think we have just had the rug pulled out from under our feet. Hawera Rewinds have just released a ballcock that is SO SIMPLE, it will make you smile. Virtually indestructible, made out of solid 316 stainless steel, you will only need to buy it once.

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Dave Mac

It has been very exciting to offer my property and our water supply system to help in the development of the SIS Ballcock. We have been installing the SIS Ballcock since the first prototype, back in 2014. We now have over 100 SIS Ballcocks installed - not one failure or problem.

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Raymond J. Collins